What is creative web design? They websites that still contain the necessary information and functionality but with an added artistic touch on presentation. The design will more likely catch the attention of many users.

Hiring a creative web design company over a traditional web company will benefit you more. Mainly due to a more appealing image compare to your competitors. Especially today, many customers are more attracted to a modern and unique design on the web.


About ten years ago, the demand for web services was at its highest peak. Most of the company, however, had little experience on the traditional side of the web design. This includes the functionality, SEO and compatibility. They didn’t realise that the design and functionality both work hand in hand. Soon enough, most companies found that it is essential to have a designer and a developer work together.  The designer will plan the look of the web while the developer’s job is to apply it using the web formats.

Traditional Web Design

A traditional web design company only showcases the relevant information and functionality needed for the website to run correctly. Traditional does not focus on the image and design of the overall site.

Creative vs. Traditional

To compare both designs, we will use a billboard as an example. Imagine an advertisement with a few images with an added graphic and a matching theme. Now compare the billboard with the one next to it that contains only a number and a name. On comparison, you will soon realise that the creative billboard with images is more eye-catching than the other one.

Choosing a creative web design company

When finding the right company, be sure to check up on their design, implementation, portfolio, reliability, cost and the quality of their services. A company should be able to meet all your needs and build a creative web design that best suits you.